Monday, June 30, 2008

What Goes Around . . .

This morning I had to get up before Monica to go to work, while she slept and relaxed. This is the first time in 4 years that I will have to get up and go to work before Monica on a regular basis. I have to be the one to deal with the alarm clock each and every morning. I think this is supposed to make me feel like more of the provider or something.

If you’re not up to date, Monica’s last day of work was June 20th. Last week we were at camp, so this morning was the first real day of her unemployment. She gets two months to figure out what she really wants to do as well as enjoy life outside of corporate America. I’m really excited for her! This girl is on a mission to find a job she doesn’t have to settle for just because we need money. She’s good at any job she does and usually excels at it, but this time she wants to be doing something she loves and is good at--quite a revolutionary idea!

All you cheapskates and penny pinchers will appreciate this: Since Monica decided to take this leave of absence from the world of work, I decided to enforce the “no accumulation” law. Basically, this law states that while we are only on one income, we are not allowed to accumulate anything—no furniture, no clothes, no decorative items, and no Wii Fit (that one hurts, I may need to rethink this). Yep, we are strictly purchasing perishables only. All violators of this law will be punishable by lectures.

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