Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Church Camp '08

Monica loves church camp. She went to at least three weeks of church camp every summer growing up. She had many camp boyfriends through the years (I lose count at 10). She has a certain peace about her that only shows up at camp, and I love seeing it. It’s like she’s exactly where she needs to be. Besides that, she now brings her camp boyfriend with her.

Camp is another Incredible Hulk moment for me. I hated church camp growing up. I went 4 times total in my life. One with a friend when I was about 8 or 9. The other three times were with my youth group, and I mainly went on those to please my mom. I was one of those righteous kids who hated church camp because it seemed to be more about hookin’ up than focusing on God. That’s really a lie . . . my real issue was that I wanted to be one of the sought after alpha males, and I couldn’t because my insecurity was out of control. Camp was tough for me.

Church camp is next week! For the first time, I can say that I am really excited about it. I will be a counselor in the oldest boys’ cabin, which means I pretty much get to hang out all week and play cards. Plus, I need a good week off of work because I’m starting to feel the burn-out. This year I have no graduate classes the week right before or after camp, which makes a huge difference. Also, I get paid for being there because I am using vacation time.

This Friday also marks Monica’s last day at work. I wasn’t supposed to blog about it yet, so I won’t say much more (although most people won’t read down this far). What I will say is please don’t ask if she is doing this so she can have a baby, although that seems to be her only culturally acceptable option in life as a woman besides work. Now, if you know of a job that Monica would be great at you can let her know. Here ye this, we are in no way bound to staying in Memphis, or even Tennessee. More on this later when we feel more free to talk about it.

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