Saturday, June 14, 2008

BTW, I Gradu8ed

Well, I’ve had my diploma since December, and being at a small theological seminary means one graduation per year. Really, though, I had an extra $150 and thought I’d love to use it towards graduation expenses. I had the privilege of being in the 50th graduating class at Harding Grad School. The ceremony was ceremonious and Monica, my parents, Monica’s parents, and my sister and brother-in-law were all present. I now have a baby blue tassel. I thought it should be pink since the degree was in counseling, but baby blue will do.

I was not too excited about graduation, and I have always seen graduation as boring and unnecessary. Graduations for me were more for the family than for me. I decided I would try to make this one different. I used this as a big transition marker for me. A master’s degree is a big deal! It marks a big milestone academically, professionally, and personally. As I tell Monica, I now have a license to be her master, as if the Bible didn’t already give me that right! Oh, my religious fundamentalism is just out of control today. In all seriousness, it has been easier to look forward to after looking at graduation as a transition point. Now, some people ask me when I am planning on going to get my Ph. D. My answer is, “It’s going to be awhile, and maybe never.” I am actually pursuing an honorary doctorate. OC gave out two this year--would it hurt to give a third? I wonder if I could find some obscure school on the internet and get one for a small donation.

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