Thursday, November 30, 2006

It is Finished...

And I was only 2 minutes late to class!! I pulled a famous Thompson all-nighter with Cali, and burned the midnight oil.

You, Me, and Dupree is a pretty funny movie. I’ve been an Owen Wilson fan for a long time, Monica for longer probably, and we were laughing pretty hard at parts.

Someone, who I don’t know, responded to my latest answering machine with, “That’s all you got?” I think it was a wrong number.

Either the dishes need to get washed, or we’re going to run out of money eating out soon.

I thought of a new answering machine jingle just in case the guy calls back. Hmm… Why do I want this scary man’s approval?

I haven’t eaten or slept all day, and all Cali does is eat and sleep all day—it’s like we are in alternative universes.

Wednesday nights are boring without Lost, we didn’t have to rush home from church to see it. Now that Eco (Echo?) is off the show, we can’t consider it church anymore.

We now have two Ford trucks, but only because I have a profound respect for Toby Keith and his politics. All the gas they consume makes me feel more Republican.

There are currently no $100,000/year counseling positions available in Colorado right now, so we’re out of luck.

Sometimes I wish that everyone snow skiing right now would break their legs, just because I am mad that they are skiing.

Oh yeah, and everything is not really bigger in Texas, except the conspiracy that everything is bigger in Texas.

I just realized the letters in Texas can be rearranged to spell taxes. Tennessee only spells Nessteene.

Yuo can udenrtsand me eevn if I tpye lkie tihs, so why do we wrroy abuot slpeilng.

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