Friday, November 3, 2006

Bad Day or Good Day. . .And the 10 Second Kiss

WOW! What a way to end a fun-filled week. Let me just cue you in real quick.

My truck stopped starting and I had to jump it for a few days. Then, on the way home from Hot Springs, I had to push down on the breaks fairly hard, and then I had to put up with the awful grinding noises ever since. Today, I was uninvited to a lunch by a school administrator THROUGH a third party fellow student. Let’s hear it for a real class move!!! I’m not bitter, just kind of feel devalued. Also, I found out today that I will not receive my diploma until December 2007, even though I will finish my classes in the Summer of 2007.

After that experience, I had a few counseling sessions (as a counselor). My car mechanic, Bill Edmondson, who is an incredible car mechanic, called and told me to call him about the Bonneville. Turns out the ABS system needs to be replaced, and that will be $1200. Well, that’s out of the question because car is not even worth that. I told him to just put break pads on it, and I’ll continue to drive it. That was the dagger in my heart today, but at least it came from the front.

So, it might sound like I am just female doggin’, but I’m not, and I am going to get in big trouble for that term. True, this was a bad day, BUT if you look at the other side of coin and the rest of the story, it gets better.

First of all, my truck just needed new battery terminals, which was a cheap fix. Second, my tension, frustration, and distrust of this administrator was confirmed and I can continue to be unsure of authority—very important to my generation. Third, FINALLY I HAVE AN ANSWER about what to do about the Bonneville. None of this guessing anymore, I can be sure it’s time to give up on the long fight. It’s actually kind of nice to have that burden off my shoulders. Now, we just have to find a car to replace it.

Last, and certainly most, I got to each lunch with my wife in the midst of all of this at Bluefin. Regardless of what happened today, that makes a beautiful day in my mind because I was with her. We started this new ritual called the 10 second kiss that we read about in a book we’re reading for Wednesday night class, and it is great. After teeth-brushing in the morning, right before work, we kiss for 10 seconds. Then, when she comes home from work, we do it again. It is amazing what these 10 seconds do for our marriage. So, please don’t get any negativity from this blog. It will all take care of itself in due time. What you do need to do is the 10 second kiss, and remember how powerful a few minutes of being with the one you love can be. It saved my day...

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