Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Voting Day

Yesterday, we voted at our usual place, South Park Elementary School. You hear the talk of other states where the lines were long because of ID checks, well, that didn’t happen to us. In fact, no one checked our IDs at all. Good thing, though, because I could have been anybody.

I voted Republicrat. I won’t tell you specifics of who I voted for, but I will tell you I voted for Mike Kernell (D) for State House Rep. because he campaigned at Cooper’s (a fairly dangerous grocery store near our house) during the last election. Somebody coming into the neighborhood really does make a difference—I feel like he actually cares about me and other Cooper regulars. I did drive to the election station in a Ford…hmm.

I hope you voted because you wanted to, not because someone told you you have to or you’re not a good person. I vote NOT because I am a Christian, I vote because I care who represents me in our pagan government. I will in no way condone the idea that it is our Christian duty to vote, because in my mind, it isn’t, but you may think differently, depending on whether you agree or disagree with me. The important thing is that you feel good about the reasons you vote.

So, this does not reflect any of Monica’s political views. We differ on politics, but somehow we still manage to love. This does represent my (Ben’s) views and I do approve this message.

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