Monday, December 4, 2006

Sooner or Later

I have to praise the OU Sooners for their outstanding play the other night to win the Big 12 Championship. Being the eternal pessimist, I never thought it would happen—I mean Texas losing to A&M—who would’ve thought. And then winning the game against Nebraska in the air. With a great last name, I should’ve never doubted Thompson.

I called a pretty good play myself on Sunday morning. I knew it was the elder induction Sunday at church, but I did not dare tell Monica beforehand. It was a trick play of sorts with some misdirection, and then when we came out of the huddle, I called the audible at the line, and then she knew (30 minutes before the service started). It was actually a pretty decent elder induction Sunday—it lasted less than two days—and we went on our way to the very important third service we like to call lunch. Hey, where did Curt go?

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