Monday, December 11, 2006

Ode to the Christmas Sweater

Tis’ the season for beautiful Christmas sweaters! And what excitement it was when I found the most beautiful Christmas sweater I’d ever seen at our local Park Avenue Thrift Store (sounds expensive). After searching through racks and racks of smelly women's sweaters, I finally stumbled on it, and fell in love right away. It has all the best features of the Christmas sweater—a large poinsettia, a Santa Claus face, a larger than life candy cane, bells, a horn, raised stitching, ornaments, and “NOEL” in big letters, just in case you did not catch on to Christmas theme. The fact that it was a button down and had shoulder pads made me feel extra special as I shelled out my $4 for the huge sweater that could have kept many poor children warm. Yes, for those two hours at the Harding Grad School Christmas party, I was the embodiment of Christmas. Oh, how I love Christmas sweaters! I must admit, the x-mas sweater is one of the best parts about going to church around the holidays, because they’re everywhere, spreading Christmas cheer.
Click here to see the famous Christmas sweater. . .

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