Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Oh, What a Night!

This is how Monica keeps things interesting at our house:

Ahh, man
B: What happened?
M: I broke the light cover in the bathroom and then I dropped the light bulb…
B: How did you do that?
M: I set the light cover on the toilet and then it slid off and broke on the floor, and it scared me so I dropped the light bulb and it broke, too.
B: hmmph
M: Are you going to ask me if I’m okay?
B: Are you okay?
M: Yes.

Thirty minutes later after the incident and after the clean-up by Ben.

M: You need to vacuum out the glass in the sink better.
B: No I don’t, because I didn’t vacuum it in the first place, so I can’t do it better.
M: Do it.
B: Okay

5 minutes later:

M: I had you vacuum out the sink because I broke another light bulb…
B: You broke another one?!? You broke TWO light bulbs…
M: Yes, because I am too short and didn’t want you to do it.

1 hour later in the grocery store parking lot:

M enters the car laughing
B: What’s so funny?
M: I thought you were in the car right next to you, so I opened the other car door, and it was the wrong car.
B: But there were people in the car!
M: I know, I realized that after I pulled the handle up, and then I just waved at them because it was the wrong car.
B: I am putting you in a straitjacket for the rest of the night…

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