Monday, January 30, 2006

Jury Duty and a Town Hall Meeting

Finally, a chance to serve the great democracy we live in through federal jury duty. I sure hope the full-time student exemption I claimed doesn’t go through so I can serve and miss class! I’m trying to lay the sarcasm down pretty thick. If I had nothing else to do, I think it would be fun to serve on a jury, but this time I can hopefully pass.

In other fun news, we had a great home group town hall meeting, and have sorted some things out. I realized I had too many agendas for the meeting, and having other people voice their considerations helped me see a better way (hence the reason we had a town hall meeting). This paragraph means nothing to you if you are not in a young married home group at Sycamore View. We now have a great home group plan and with a lot of work, intentionality, and prayer, the new plan should work.

Last and least exciting, Monica decided to get sick last night after the meeting and stay up all night hugging the toilet. We can’t trace the illness to any one thing she ate, but I know one thing, I’ll never dare her to drink a whole gallon of milk in an hour again! Monica knows how to be sick, though. I thought I was sleeping with a little kitten with a broken paw all night. She's gaining her strength today, and should back on her A-game tomorrow.

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