Thursday, January 12, 2006

Parenting Class

I had a meeting with a committee at church last night and Monica decided to go attend a class. This was our first time to go to church on a Wednesday night at Sycamore View (and we call ourselves Christians!?!). So, I went to my top secret man committee meeting and Monica chose the only class she was really interested in—the Parenting Class. This class uses short videos every week from Focus on the Family starring Dr. Dobson and then the Family Life Minister facilitates discussion of questions different parents have. Monica will continue to ask questions until they find out we don’t have kids, but are trying to apply the advice to our dog Cali (i.e. why does our “kid” steal our underwear and try to eat it in the backyard?).

The other night on Scrubs, kids were described as being like dogs that slowly learn how to talk. Actually, Monica’s rationale is that we need to know about parenting before we have kids (no we are not trying, nor are we pregnant) so we have something to go on. I will join her in the class when my man committee doesn’t meet. Does this sound funny to anyone else? I mean the part about the class, not the part about us having kids someday.

We’ll try to pass some tidbits on as we develop our parenting style that will totally change when we actually have kids someday, but maybe something will stick . . . you know, for Monica because she is the woman and she will be raising the kids (please know I am either joking or getting a butt whoopin’ tonight or both).

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