Thursday, January 19, 2006

Babies, Babies, Babies

To have a baby or to not have a baby…that is the question. More importantly, WHEN to have a baby or when not to have a baby seems to be more realistic in our case. I know it’s not surprising that it seems that everyone around us has a baby, is pregnant or is trying to have a baby. Sure, there are the few & the proud that have chosen not to have kids or to wait several years until the fad is over in our age group & everyone has given up & then SURPRISE, they’ll start popping them out & be those 60 yr. old parents whose kids are still in high school.

We’re going on 2 1/2 years with it just being me, Ben & in the recent year Cali (our practice child). We’ve been talking a lot lately about parenting styles & who’s going to be the disciplinarian, etc. Obviously, we plan on waiting until Ben is out of grad school & has a job so he isn’t trying to balance homework & ‘dadwork’ at the same time. Beyond that though there’s always the financial stability issue & is someone going to stay home with the baby & how many kids do we want to have & how far apart should we have them & what things do we want to do BEFORE we’re parents…the list goes on & on.

Right now we’re perfectly content with our little family. We are excited to have kids someday, but are also excited to spend these few years together without all the chaos. Maybe we should get another puppy before diving into parenthood just to be safe. Any advice on this subject would be truly appreciated.

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