Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pray for Secrets

I determined today we carry too much stuff around with us that we have to keep a secret. I also determined that I hate how it has to be like that. I imagine you can think of at least 5 people right now who you know need help because you know their secret. They might not even know that you know their secret, and for some reason, it is better that way.

I just thought it would be nice if we prayed for all the stress and confusion we all are feeling because all the secrets we carry around, be it our own secrets, or the secrets of others. I am not sure there is a much worse pain than the pain of knowing someone else is hurting and you can't say or do anything about it. Add that pain to your own pain and all the other people's pain you have taken on and you have to be careful not to explode. We carry a lot of pain, and if it wasn't for being a part of God's kingdom, it would be a tough life. We need to pray for each other!

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