Thursday, February 2, 2006

State of the Marital Union

Inspired by the recent State of the Union Address by W, we (as in Ben) thought we would have a State of the Marital Union Address. Please feel free to stand up and clap after every few statements to draw this entry out as long as possible. It’s been a great year of marriage and the outlook appears to be great.

Our economy started slow and fluctuated last year (2005), requiring us to go into a major deficit, but we are taxing ourselves more now to pay off that debt. By the middle of this year, we plan on balancing our budget and getting rid of our debt. Hopefully our economy will be out of the red in 2006. Although, there is fear on the horizon, as the Bonneville is showing signs of breakdown.

We have now won the War on Terror. If you’ve had a puppy, you know what I mean. Occurrences of sock suicide missions are down, and the enemy (Cali) has been subdued. We are now enjoying a time of peace with our perfect little puppy. An agreement has been reached with Cali that if we pay attention to her and scratch under her chin, she will hold back her attacks.

The No Child Left Behind is a tremendous success, as we have no child to leave behind.

Overall, last year was a good year. Just like the State of the Union, we rose tint everything in our clever rhetoric. However, I think that is what we need to do in marriage—look back and remember our successes and strengths. So, the State of the Marital Union gives us great hope in the future and fond memories of the past. There is every indication that we should continue to strive on towards a more perfect union.

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