Monday, February 13, 2006

Exemption: DENIED, Drugs, and Shooting the Elderly

I thought checking the box for jury exemption that said I was a student would somehow exempt me from federal jury duty—No such luck! Apparently, even though you can claim that exemption, "There is no legal basis"? to grant me that exemption (at least that is what my denial letter said). Oh well, I will just have to serve my government by the freedom they extend to me by requiring me to serve on a federal jury. I'm sure I signed up for this somewhere, just like Iraq signed up to be a democracy (they might tap my phones for that comment).

Fortunately, my jury duty falls in the month of March when I have two weeks "off"? of school. So, I can't complain too much at all. Who knows, I might even find myself on the trial against my ex-drug using neighbor who was evicted, but since then has "upped her level of crime"? (presumably to get drugs)—at least that is what the sheriffs outside our house told us Thursday. I am talking about the suspiciously quiet people who rented the house next door and stole their air conditioners to get more drug money, not Floyd, our 90-year-old neighbor who is about the best neighbor anyone could have.

Speaking of old people. . . when the news came out that VP Cheney shot someone while hunting, I thought it was so funny that on our news that they said, "VP Cheney shot an elderly man while hunting quail yesterday."? True, he shot his hunting partner who was 72 years old, so I guess he did shoot an elderly man, but the news made it sound as if Cheney was hunting too close to an old folks home and shot some old guy on his scooter. However, I have to give News Channel 5 some points for the clever angle they took, Bravo!

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