Tuesday, February 7, 2006

1 out of 5 stars for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was a disaster. The commercials stunk, the halftime show stunk (unless you are a Rolling Stone fan, but maybe even then), and on top of that, the game wasn’t really that exciting. I hate Diet Pepsi now because of their sub-par commercial spots. Godaddy.com wins the award for the most tasteless, unfunny, and vulgar commercial. Cadillac Escalade wins for most car commercial time. Bud Light was the only beer that even cared to advertise besides Budweiser. I expected more out of the monkey commercials. Yes, there were other commercials, but they don’t deserve any awards because they just weren’t that great, kind of like the game and half time show.

Here are my changes: Let me and some friends screen the commercials for the next Super Bowl. Ban godaddy.com from ever advertising again. Require more beer companies to put out commercials. For halftime, quit with putting up a singer or group up that is only chosen because they are too old to cause any ruckus. Super Bowl halftime shows should be about putting the best show together with a whole host of performers that don’t have grandchildren my age. That doesn’t put Tom Petty out of the running, but he wouldn’t be a part of the Super Bowl anyway, because he doesn’t take part in things that are purely about advertising and corporate sponsorship. Have both teams bribe the refs instead of just one team, like the Steelers, so the game will be worth watching. These are just a few changes I would suggest for a better Super Bowl experience.

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