Monday, January 24, 2005

I Love Baths

Bath time is definitely not the most enjoyable experience for Cali, but she smelled so bad we had no choice. I had to get in the bathtub with her with Monica as my back up. We also realized that Cali looks about half her size when she is wet. We thought it was really cute that she looked so angry. However, she got us back by “accidentally” falling off our back stairs into the mud—she knew what she was doing.

We’re doing great, by the way. The home group we are involved in is blessing our lives more than we can convey to you. You can handle a lot more when you have friends. We’ve also resorted to a lot of movie watching lately. I usually fall asleep when we watch them at night and then finish watching them in the morning when I get up early with Cali. Monica hates that I do that, but I’m just too old to stay up until 11. On a side note, between having a puppy and watching Supernanny, our desire to not have children for a long time has been reinforced.

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