Saturday, January 8, 2005

Back to Normal

Well, the holidays are over and it is definitely back to the grind. I start school Monday and Monica’s work is starting to get busy. The good news is that she is not on commission yet, so we will still have a steady income for at least 22 more days, and if things do get bad, we are going to explore the world of credit cards (sorry Dave Ramsey). We are not too worried, however, because God continues to sustain us.

I bought all my books but one online (,, and and have tallied up the numbers. I’ve saved $107 so far! I am excited about that. At the grad school you can’t sell your books back , so there is really no need to buy a new one and they don’t sell used ones. The other nice thing about used books that have writing in them is that they look like you’ve already read them. This comes in handy in class when you open up your book and there is highlighting—everyone just assumes you read it. The bad thing is that when reading the book for the first time, it is hard to read anything but the highlighted part.

Man, what a boring topic! I have exposed my nerdiness. I have dropped down to the level of talking about used books. At this point I will have to promise you a more exciting blog in the near future. I will say one thing—God is revealing to us why he wants us in Memphis and it is awesome. We are growing in ways that we would have never grown had we stayed in Edmond. It is amazing to see how God is using us in this place. Our jobs, friends, church, home group, and school have all blessed us greatly. Our marriage, finances, security, faith, and patience have all been challenged, but God is using those challenges to strengthen us. It is crazy to think how much we were depressed and hated it here for several months and just wanted to move back to Oklahoma. Now, we are accepting where we are and making the best of everything. Scary how it all works out, isn’t it?

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