Sunday, February 29, 2004

2 Dieters & a Money Makeover

beach.jpgBen & I have decided to dive into the latest fad diet to attempt to be healthier. Ben went to Barnes & Noble & got pretty excited about it & convinced me to take the leap of faith. I've never seen or bought so much gross food in my life. So this month we're not just taking on one, but two huge endeavors including the Total Money Makeover & the South Beach Diet.

If we make it through this month without killing each other, we'll be able to make it through anything. 2 hrs. in the grocery store & $100 later alone made us want to duke it out. I just tried the vegetable quiche cups & it's going to be a long week!!! Wish us luck & feel free to comment on who you think will stick to the diet the longest.

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