Friday, February 20, 2004

Spreading the Love

heart.jpgAfter a rather uneventful Valentine's Day, I decided it would be nice to take my wife to a restaurant that night. It was late and we decided to go to Bennigans, hoping there would not be a long wait.
So, we walked into the front doors and all we heard was this guy complaining to the hostess (who is working on V-day, mind you). He was incessantly complaining about how a couple that came in after them was seated first, and the poor hostess just kept quiet, but she was visibly frustrated. I was thinking of a way to stop this guy from complaining, but Monica apparently already had a plan... and executed it to perfection! No joke, she turned to this guy, glares at him, and politely says, "It's Valentine's Day!! Can't you just give her a break? Thanks!" The guy was speechless and hopefully embarrassed in front of his girlfriend (not to mention everyone else standing around), and Monica just turned and walked out of the restaurant. I looked around for a second and then said, "Well, I guess we're going," and followed my wife, giving her a big high five in the parking lot.

If you know Monica, this story will not surprise you one bit; if you don't know Monica, and are in foodservice, you have somebody on your side! Click below to see pics from our Valentine's Day.

Ben with his present
Monica with her presents
Our romantic dinner on the couch

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