Thursday, February 26, 2004

Finances 101

financial_peace.jpgTonight we had the opportunity to hear Dave Ramsey speak at a 5-hour seminar called the "Total Money Makeover." If you get the chance to hear this guy--do not pass it up, because you won't regret it. If your church has a Financial Peace University course, you better go (even though it may cost a few bucks). We can't explain it all here in this blog, so we decided to be a little less serious and give you a top seven funny things that happened tonight:

7. The only good thing about credit cards is that they keep other important cards from falling out of your wallet--we actually destroyed all of our credit cards tonight after canceling them, of course.
6. Gazelles often outrun "CHETAHS"--had to be there. (Dan and Angi and Peter and Kim will get this one)
5. It's easy to stay out of debt if you have no kids, car payments, house payments, credit card debt, and don't appreciate life.

4. When you buy a $28,000 car from a dealer, on average you will loose $16,800 of it's value in the first four years... wait, that's not funny-unless you buy used cars.
3. Never take out a 30 year mortgage on a house, only a 15 year fixed rate mortgage, but if you plan to be a pulpit preacher, you don't really have to worry about either one.
2. Tickets to the seminar: $56. The speaker's latest book: $19. A seminar that uses scenes from "What About Bob": priceless
1. The only reason Ben went was because he thought it was the "Total Money Make out Session"

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