Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Pac Rim reunion

pacrim00.jpgMonday night there was a special 30th Anniversary dinner for the relationship between Ibaraki Christian University & OC (another wards Pac Rim 2000 reunion '04).

We had 11 of our group show up out of 22 which is amazing considering how spread out around this globe we all are. Trent came all the way from Houston & Kate made it from Memphis. Joe, Denver, Elise, Shyla (+ fiance), Jared, Bailey & Joyce and of course me & Ben also made it to the event. After the dinner we had a few of the group over to our apt. for some Taboo, a viewing of the infamous Pac Rim video & some wonderful conversation. Denver put it best when he said that there's just a special feeling that you get when you're around our group even after all these years.
For all of you that don't know, Ben & I actually met on the Pacific Rim study abroad program in '00. Several years later we fell in love, tied the knot & here we are today w/ our very own blog. How far we've come...

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