Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One of the Greatest Opportunities of All Time

We know what fear brings and how it clouds our judgments and beliefs. We know we fear things until we understand them better. We often fight fear and do whatever we can to eliminate it. Sometimes we realize we we're only fighting ourselves.

So here we stand… America is becoming increasingly Muslim in population. Islam is growing fast in the West. Does reading that put fear in you?

Here’s my biggest fear: I will continue to believe that Christians and Muslims can’t co-exist peacefully. I mean, take a good look at history, and you won't find a lot of hope. Christians and Muslims have fought and still fight over people in order to convert them to religions of peace. I propose that for peace to be possible in the future, co-existing is a basic step, and cooperation is essential.

Where we stand is at a point where we can make a decision about the future of peace in the world. Two of the world’s most influential religions coming together in a country founded on religious freedom. It is overwhelmingly exciting and scary at the same time. Why? Because two of the world’s most influential religions also struggle to find peace within themselves. The term extremist does not just apply to one religion.

Peace needs a revolution, and here is the greatest chance we’ve seen, at least in my time. We have two great religions with peace at their core and violence in their present and past. How Christians accept Islam, and vice-versa, has everything to do with the future of the world. Will it be a fight, or will it be the greatest act of reconciliation we’ve seen in modern times? Will we be armed because of the past, or armed by the past? Will we use oil to anoint or negotiate?

This concludes some light reading for your mid-week.

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