Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Trip to Nashville

I'm wearing a pullover sweater today, which means I am teaching at the grad school this afternoon. I enjoy teaching and make sure to have a good video each time. I teach in three 45-50 minutes segments because it is better for the brain (and staying awake).

We are leaving after the class for Nashville where I will be co-presenting about Screamfree at the TN Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. I am really pumped about this! I love presenting when I am passionate about something.

If that is not exciting enough, we are staying with our friends Clay and Katie. They have a house a little north of town that we haven't seen yet. We can't wait to hang out with good friends for the weekend and just relax. It is rumored they have some farm animals, too!

AND, of course, Nashville means Maggiano's--a place full of great memories and great food. Although, we might be overdoing it since we ate there last month! Not a ravioli-loving chance!


  1. I love Maggianos. I would also like for you to take my two children for one week and then teach me a Screamfree course.

  2. You should give the ScreamFree thing a read! There is a 2 hr. seminar on March 27th in Memphis by the author himself. I would gladly watch your kids for those hours!