Friday, December 4, 2009

If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise.

Happy Friday friends - did you miss me on my 2 wk hiatus?! Black Friday got the best of me & I was distracted spending time with those I love instead of blogging. Ben turned 29 & I got him a new watch & the Bourne trilogy which were both hits.

Thanksgiving Break Highlights:
  • Making puppy chow & PB Hershey kiss cookies that were successfully scarfed down by both our families
  • Hanging out w/ my bro & making Ben’s bday cake w/ my sis-in-law in their awesome new apt.
  • Having a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving meal w/ 10 family members around the table & 4 at the kid's table
  • Watching Blind Side at the ghetto theater for $3.75/ticket on Thanksgiving Day – great film!
  • Celebrating Ben’s bday w/ both our families
  • Getting together w/ Bailey & Joyce who continue to amaze us w/ their wisdom & love
  • Watching Ben play endlessly w/ our nephews & niece & realizing what an amazing dad he’s going to be someday
  • Playing our annual Monopoly game w/ my fam even though Ben gave up in the end to my bro in lieu of watching the OU/OSU game (go OU!)
  • Staying up talking until after midnight w/ my BFF, Bobbie
My Office Quote of the Week
No stand-out quotes this week, but I did win a $1 bet w/ an engineer who doubted my “document control” abilities saying I wouldn’t be able to find a folder in our filing room.

Ode to Green Truck
I will never forget the first time I met green truck. Ben pulled up to my OC apt. & picked me up on our first “unofficial” date to go to Shakespeare in the Park. My first thought was, “I thought Ben was an Edmond snob ...I guess his parents are making him tough it out by driving a beat-up truck.” Later on, Ben & I had our first kiss in the bed of green truck while staring up at the stars at Lake Arcadia. Green truck also bravely pulled our U-Haul on our big move from Oklahoma City to Memphis 5 yrs. ago & has been a loyal truck ever since.

We are sad that it has come to this, but we will always have a special place in our hearts for this vehicle that symbolizes so much! I am also very proud of Ben for sticking it out through all the repairs & no A/C all these years in his dedication to his truck & our budget. We are officially a 1-car family as of now.

Carpooling 101
  • Do not expect for either of you to ever be to work on time.
  • Do perfect the art of doing your make-up in the tiny flip down mirror in the car.
  • Decide beforehand whether it’s more important to brush your teeth or feed the dog (mouthwash in the car is a compromise).
  • Make a plan BEFORE entering the vehicle regarding who gets to listen to their favorite radio station.
This week Ben got a new job & I got a new curling iron - both of which have drastically impacted our everyday lives. This weekend is already packed full of events & some of our favorite people are staying at our house Sat-Mon. Happy Christmas month everyone!


  1. you actually drew a little emotion from deep down talking about green truck :)

  2. Awe, green truck was even an answer to a Ben Trivia question. Sad times! I'm glad y'all had a good time on your mini-vacation. Maybe one day we'll have home group again, LOL!