Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps Somewhere Else

Good news! I passed the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) National Exam… Basically, it is the big test I have to pass before I can get my license in a year and a half. I guess it is like our board exam. It is nice to have it over and done with because it was hanging over my head for a while.

Now, for the two steps somewhere else. I called the Oklahoma MFT board to see if any of my supervision hours would transfer and they said, “No, you would lose them all. It would be better to finish in TN and then move here.” I am 350 hours into 1000, and have paid about $1500 for supervision so far, so that makes the decision a little tougher. I call this two steps somewhere else (instead of back) because I am not sure where this leaves us. We were thinking strongly about moving back to the Oklahoma area, and this adds a new dimension to the mix. And, there is this little part of me that wonders if maybe God has something else in mind than to move back to SUV-land right now. Last night in bed we were talking about how in five years we’ll probably look back and say, “See, it worked out,” as we drive our twin Mercedes to our 6 bedroom house. Of course, that “fantasy” would mean we are living in my parents house driving my dad’s old Mercedes--let’s hope it doesn’t work out!

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