Monday, July 14, 2008

Is It Worth It?

I’m tired of being challenged at church. Curt Sparks left several years ago and I was dreading the interim preaching. Turns out, though, that Sycamore View did an incredible job at finding interim preachers who continually fed me. Here’s how it went down: First, Curt announced his departure and delivered an amazing series on the Holy Spirit and following God. Next came John Mark Hicks. His honesty and his introduction to Christianity as a human transforming endeavor leveled me week to week. Then, Jim Woodruff hits the scene with his openness and sincerity, showing us the power of the Gospels. Honestly, his preaching for me had little to do with what he said, and more to do with the honesty with which he faces life. Finally, we found a new preacher, Josh Ross, and he’s continuing with passion to show me what it really means to call Christ my savior.

It’s funny, I shy away from much spiritual talk on the blog. There exist several reasons for this, and I will let you in on the most difficult one: I am scared to death of Christianity. To truly follow the words of the Bible takes me so far from what I really want to do. It was nice when sacrifice meant not going to a soccer game on Sunday morning. Now, it means loving people I don’t want to love, sharing things I don’t want to share, making decisions I don’t want to make, giving up control over things I don’t want to give up contol over. Is it really worth it? I stay awake thinking about that question. Please don’t see this as a call to try to answer that question for me, because you can’t. I feel good that I am at the point that I can have that question, instead of worrying about whether I am giving enough money, and whether to base that on net or gross (answers are no and probably gross, anyway). There have got to be less demanding religions out there!

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