Monday, August 28, 2006

Soccer Weekend

This weekend 8 other guys and me played in a 6 on 6 soccer tournament. We were one of two US teams, and all the other teams were composed of Hispanics. It was a great multicultural experience, and it was put on by MUM and the Iglesia de Cristo at Sycamore View C of C. We played hard, but we only won one game! Actually, I am not totally surprised we only pulled off one win, because we had never played together as a team and we were playing teams that play together every week in leagues.

Needless to say, playing games on a Saturday afternoon in intense heat is not an easy thing to do. By our last game on Sunday we were all pretty wiped out, and it was even worse as the other team destroyed us. Despite all of our misfortune, it is just fun to play soccer. I don't think I'll ever try to play 4 games in 2 days again (granted they were only 44 minute games), but maybe a game here and there would be okay. Also, I owe Monica a weekend because my games took all of our together time.

Have a good week! Hope you had a great honeymoon, Mark and Darci.

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