Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mission: Accomplished

I think you all are getting the wrong impression of me. I really do work hard in school and turn in good papers. My recent performances are not making me look too good. Here is how I look at it: I am still spending about the same amount of time other people do on their papers, I am just doing it all in one sitting.

I also need to say that the Harding Grad M.A. in Counseling program is pretty awesome. It is fairly demanding academically and extremely practical. The hardest part about the program for me is becoming aware of myself in so many ways and then coming to grips with it. Anybody can do the academic work, but it is the soul searching work that makes or breaks you. So, if sometimes it seems like I am not taking the paper writing part of it seriously, I am definitely taking the soul searching part seriously.

Have a great day! I am now finished with my summer semester and the fall semester starts Monday. I am going to enjoy my break!

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