Monday, August 7, 2006

Great Comments!

Wow! We did not expect to get so much feedback on those last couple of blogs—Thank you so much. I guess we can all relate to the last-second paper writing procrastination thing, as well as the topic of racism—I am definitely convinced of how important it is to remember that racism is still alive and well, and we don’t need to pretend like it is not important. I will hopefully never again wait that long to write such an important paper.

We went to Hot Springs this weekend to hang out with Brian and April on Lake Hamilton. It was an awesome trip (much thanks to Brian and April), and a well-needed (and well-deserved on m’s part) break for both of us! Unfortunately, we were both kissed by the sun and look a little lobsteresque and feel like we are on fire. We applied, but apparently did not re-apply enough! We thought for a date night we could both just peel skin off each other.

Monica promised pictures on the last blog and they are coming soon. We have birthday pictures, Cali pictures, and lake pictures we need to upload.

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