Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Proud Parents!

When our baby was born in some factory somewhere up north in 1993, I’m sure she had no idea she would have come this far. She had two sets of parents before us, but Monica took full custody of her in college. I signed on to be a parent after we got married, mainly for insurance purposes, but we don’t talk about that around her. One of the days if she does the math, she’ll realize Monica had her before we joined in marriage. She’s been a good traveler, having gone to Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee—as far as we know.

She’s generally a good girl: Doesn’t complain too much (although she acts up at times), fairly low maintenance, and so forth. She’s been blessed with good self-esteem. Heaven knows it’s been hard for her to see new models every year. Needless to say, we are proud parents. Many people might have given up on her years ago, but we have always believed in investing in her. Whatever it takes to keep her moving on down the road is what we are willing to do. Sure she has her scratches and imperfections, but we don’t notice them.

Thank you, Bonneville.

Congrats on your 200K milestone!

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