Friday, March 10, 2006

The Office

Besides The Office quite possibly being the funniest show on TV right now (sorry Joey—ha), it is also a place where Monica goes to work everyday. Just in case you don’t know, Monica is no longer a travel agent. That job is long in the past as of December, and she is in a new job that pays her for the work that she does.

RemitDATA is the new place that she works. They are a company that does cool things with EOBs, ERNs, Medicare, and other insurance stuff. If you work for a health care provider and you want the most effective way to remit data and save tons of time a day by eliminating a good deal of paperwork with Medicare clients and other insurance providers, then contact RemitDATA. Plus, they have really awesome customer support personnel. Monica happens to be one of those customer support workers. She and Angie work with customers and keep them running with the service.

Monica has nothing against her old workplace, but sometimes there are just better places to be. The power of a stable income is great and has really helped us along, but Monica comes home a lot less stressed, gets paid for her hours, has awesome co-workers, great bosses, and gets to wear jeans for casual Fridays (which is pretty high on the list of benefits for her). The office is also in a cool location about 30 seconds away from the Mighty Mississippi.

This is a picture of the RemitDATA team.

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