Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I have double-blogged today. This first one is more practical, while the second one is to show you that I am reading a book for fun.

While I was writing the book blog, Monica and I engaged in a battle over money. However, that was nothing new because the last 15 times or so we have heard the word money, we have started fighting. I just think it is so funny that we can’t communicate about money without getting upset. I used to think that not having much money (and I am going by the American idea of “not much money”) caused the fights, but I have determined that even people with a lot of money have disagreements. To cap it all off, I think money has taken us farther away from depending on God than almost anything else besides our own lack of faith.

Money is not going to get the best of us, though, because we are on a mission to budget. I guarantee you we will fight extensively during the budgeting process, but I think we are finally determined enough to do it. And, quite possibly, we might actually learn to depend on God more, but I’m not making any promises.

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