Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'd wear the pink slip with that dress...

Yes, it happened today...I got canned, given the pink slip, terminated, fired, let go, downsized... I thought I was safe in my low level receptionist job, but apparently I was not. At least my boss told me it was a "business decision"? and had nothing to do with my work. That made me feel tons better and made it all okay, especially as I sat down in front of the new expensive paper shredder they bought after they decided I was too costly—is it the reason for my demise? Replaced by a paper shredder?!? (Hmm...Office Space moment comes to mind).

Who needs the money to eat and pay their bills anyway? True, I only brought in $300 a month during school and was only depending on $600 a month this summer, but that is major (as in a mortgage payment) considering our situation. However, before I complain I need to remember those who lose jobs that are the primary source of income for their whole family. Our situation in no way compares to that, and I will probably find a better job (I have skills!) at a better place (Chippendales) that can manage their resources better. Nevertheless, it is no fun to get the boot. I was too good for the job anyway. By the way, you can't fire me...I QUIT!

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