Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Book I am Reading

I see on several blogs a section for books people are reading. I hardly ever get to read books for fun, and I would never take on the task on reading more than one book at a time. So I am reading the book, The Moral Vision of the New Testament by Richard B. Hays. I am afraid, though, that it will get put on the backburner soon because I have four books to read for a class in June. Perhaps I will tell you more about the book later. Let’s just say, I think he’s got it right (except he’s not c of C LOL—couldn’t help myself) . Of course, I am so enamored with the apocalyptic world view that I am a little biased. I just like being part of the already/not yet of Paul’s eschatology, living in the community of believers who exist to be God’s righteousness to the world, being guided by the Holy Spirit, and waiting for the parousia. Ha! That almost made me sound smart.

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