Monday, February 7, 2005

We Have Friends... See!

We wanted to prove to our friends back in Edmond that we do have friends here… or at least people who would pose with us at the bowling alley. Tonight we had the pleasure of hanging out with two of our favorite people - Mr. Millionaire & Pink Lady (otherwise known as Craig & Merschon to those who don’t know their bowling nicknames). Our bowling nicknames ended up being ‘Preacher Boy’ & ‘Agent 39’ in case you’re dying of curiosity.

We’ve said it before & we’ll say it again - having friends no matter where you are in this world makes all the difference! It doesn’t get much better than three 99-cent games of bowling, lots of laughs & finishing up the night with a few coffees & some great conversation at Starbucks. What we would do without such great friends like Craig & Merschon - not to mention all the other wonderful people in our class at church (you know who you are) we don’t know.

It helps put our lives in perspective & it’s so amazing to see the power of prayer & the effect it’s had on our homegroup (go purple group!). With all of that said we’d just like to say thank you to everyone in Memphis who has helped make us really start to feel at home.

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