Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Parable of the Lost Ring

It almost seemed as though things were going too well for us, which is why I (Ben) must have subconsciously “lost” my wedding ring down the sink drain! The ring is definitely not in the trap under the sink, but I did manage to break the piping off the sink in the process. So now we are up to no ring and a broken sink; however, Monica assured me that the sink would be fixed today!

The worst part is the respect I lost from my wife because of the way I handled the ordeal. The ring I lost and the sink I broke were not worth what I lost with Monica. Wow, those two sentences make me kind of uncomfortable. I can get a new ring and new piping, but I can’t get back last night when I lost a lot of respect (which I deserved to lose) from my wife. I have a feeling others can relate to this experience. Since I am preaching instead of blogging, I feel like I should issue a challenge. Here it is: Next time something bad happens, react in such a way that those around you don’t think you’ve given up on trying to be a Christian. And especially for husbands—you’re wife looks to you as a spiritual leader and the way you act directly effects her faith and security in the Lord. Wives, remind your husbands that you look to them as a spiritual leader in the house so they know that they are responsible for showing Christ in their actions. If anyone would like to come forward, the song of invitation will be number…

And you thought the story was over!! I thought I could not be humiliated any more, but I was. I found the ring four hours after writing the preceding parable. It was wrapped in the dish rag I was using that somehow got placed across the room and on the dryer and I found it by accident. All my fuss for nothing, except a broken sink, which I have been reminded three times will be fixed today, but I have more important repairs to do that I have already started on.

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