Monday, February 14, 2005

V-Day #2 as a Married Couple

There’s nothing like a secretly planned Valentine’s Day dinner to start a good argument. Wait a second… isn’t V-day supposed to be all about love & being nice - not to mention getting presents that should include chocolate & flowers?

We like to keep things more interesting so here’s my version of what happened Saturday night… I was supposed to get off work at 5:00 sharp, Ben calls me at the office at 5:30 & tells me that we have 6:00 reservations, I ask him to bring me some jeans & he says I should probably just wear what I have on, he picks me up from work & we drive to a house nearby where several couples from our church are waiting for a special surprise V-day dinner that our husbands decided to put together for us, we walk into the house where all the other girls are wearing formals/very nice dresses, my feelings get hurt because I’m not dressed nice enough & didn’t get a chance to get all pretty so Ben suggests we drive home so I can change (which he really didn’t mean), I agree & we get lost on the way home & decide that we aren’t going back, we get home & I change my mind & decide that we should go back, Ben sulks the whole way because he tried to do something nice for me & I had really hurt his feelings as we proceed to get lost again, we finally arrive & have a wonderful time with our friends - whew!

We had a special homegroup last night focused on our marriages and the things we love about our spouces. It was very touching hearing everyone’s stories & goals for making their relationships better. Ben was proud that I was the only girl who didn’t cry. Today we took Cali to Shelby Farms. She had a blast & met a lot of new friends. We’ll be finishing our evening with our traditional Valentine’s Day dinner (toasted ravioli) & the movie The Notebook.

V-day card from Cali
Ben & Cali @ the lake
Monica & Cali @ the lake

Cali with geese

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