Saturday, December 11, 2004

Two Thompsons Roasting on an Open Fire

Apparently, Memphis is full of all kinds of ‘firsts’ for us, the most recent being an office x-mas party which included playing Dirty Santa. For a quick recap I’ll list our top 5 tips for hanging @ an upscale x-mas party with the co-workers:

5. DON’T buy your gift-wrapping bags from the $1 Tree or your presents will be the last two left under the tree that nobody wants.

4. DO take a tour of the house to see what the ‘good life’ is like.
3. DON’T take the soap out of the bathroom even though it seems like an upscale hotel.
2. DO buy gifts that cost WAY more than $10 even if that was supposed to be the limit.
1. DON’T ask the hostess where she got the fake flowers (they were real flower arrangements made by her).

As you can imagine we were a little out of our league. At least we’ll be more adequately prepared for next year. We’ll be getting our gifts at Macy’s & having them gift-wrapped there as well. Ben’s evaluation of the evening was, "I can’t believe you work with that many head-strong, aggressive women everyday!"? (we got to see the claws come out whenever it was time to steal other people’s presents during the game). All in all it was a fun evening & we survived - whew!

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