Friday, December 10, 2004

Our New Mouse Catcher

Two weeks ago I was on the attic stairs looking into the attic and noticed something I hand’t seen before—a huge rat trap. It is one of those that snaps the rodent in the middle of the back as he tries to take the bait off the painfully obvious trap. This trap was big enough to kill a small dog! Anyway, I thought, “Hmm, there must have been, or there is a rat in our attic.” Just then I look to my right and I am face to face with the rat. It scared me to death, even though it had already been dead for a long time. Actually, it was pretty much a skeleton, but it still scared me. Just the thought of a rat in the attic watching my every move gives me the heeby jeebies.

Anyway, I got a new rodent catcher—our neighbor’s cat. Floyd (our neighbor) is old and migrates to Florida after Thanksgiving until January sometime. He leaves his cats outside to roam around and a neighbor feeds them. Well, we have kind of taken Tyrone into our home lately and let him dwell with us. The Bible does say, “love thy neighbor [and his cat].” The “and his cat part” is a textual variant not in the earliest manuscripts. However, I think he now believes that we live in his house. Oh well, he is potty trained so we don’t mind. The best thing is that I use him to make sure we don’t have any rodents in our house like the rat in our attic. It’s a good trade—he gets free rent, and I don’t have to worry about rodents. He sleeps in our house at night and at about 5 AM (give or take an hour) he comes in purring like an airplane engine, at which point I put him outside and go back to bed. The End.

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