Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Whew!! I am finished with all of my finals and my first semester of school. It is amazing how many things I knew a few days ago and how little of it I can remember now. For the next 3 weeks I have to convince myself that I want to go back and face it all again! I’ll try to ride this post-finals high as long as I can—it feels so good to be finished.

With all that said, this is the first time in Monica’s life that she does not get to have a full 3 weeks of Christmas break, but her boss did pay for manicures and pedicures for everyone in her office. I have a feeling she’d rather have those three weeks, though. Also, she secretly despises me because I get the whole 3 week break off, but I am working at my part-time receptionist job at the psychologist office as many hours as I can (which is only about 9/week). Oh yeah, I am also going to traffic court on Monday, so I’ll be spending everything I make at my job on the court costs because I need to keep my record clean.

It’s crazy how close Christmas is. We pretty much have all of our shopping finished and I only had to go into one girl store and feel uncomfortable. For some reason when I go into those stores I can’t make eye contact with anyone, it’s too weird. On a more interesting note, we finally found someone that likes to sit in the dish chair we have—the neighbor’s cat Tyrone! He sleeps in it about 6 hours a day. I knew those chairs were good for something.

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