Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Our First Night to Entertain

We decided to have our church homegroup over last Sunday night for our first time to entertain in our house. Our homegroup mainly consists of young couples with no kids from Sycamore View church of Christ and it is one of the most amazing groups we’ve been in. This group really took us in from day one and has impacted us in so many ways. The group exists to encourage and love one another, and that is exactly what happens.

Okay, back to the entertaining. We had 14 people including ourselves and it was a full house. I (and I alone) made Hawaiin Stack-Up (thanks Matt) and everyone loved it. Next time I will pay somebody to cut up all the vegetables, though. Also, I used our rice cooker for the first time (thanks Aunt Barbara). It is pretty cool when you can cook 10 cups of dry rice (21-24 cups cooked) and not have to worry about it boiling over. While I was doing the kitchen work, Monica (and only Monica) did her magic on the house. One guy remarked that he could not believe how clutter-free our house was. It is actually pretty simple—marry a crazy neat freak and turn her loose. I am the one and only unorganized thing in Monica’s life only because I wear garlic around my neck and hide in the attic when she gets her neat freak on.

The home group started at 6:30 and the last people left around 11. It was really nice to be able to open up our home to others. We hope to continue to do that for as long as we are here. Hopefully we will have some holiday pictures of our house soon. I put icicle lights on the house, and I now understand why people hate putting lights on their houses. I am already dreading taking them down. However, I get some satisfaction out of them because they are straighter than everyone else’s lights on our street. So, maybe Monica has worn off on me after all.

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