Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A Little Ditty

benandme.jpgThe other day Ben & I were driving home & the song Jack & Diane by John Cougar Mellencamp was playing on the radio. After a couple of verses the chorus played & both of us sang @ the same time, "A little ditty about Ben & Monica" instead of Jack & Diane. Now, I know they say that once you're married that you may start to finish each other's sentences, but we do things like this ALL THE TIME & it's starting to freak us out a little!

Ben & his good friend Austin used to change words to songs all the time to make each other laugh. For instance, they decided to make fun of one of my favorite songs in our wedding (I Will Be Here) & changed the words so that it sounded really stupid just to make me mad. I must admit that NOW it's funny, but @ the time I was NOT a happy bride. So be warned that once you tie the knot you may develop ESP with your spouse.

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