Thursday, August 19, 2004

Farewell Oklahoma

goodbye.jpgThe time has finally come - we're actually picking up & moving 500 miles away to a land far, far away called Memphis. We'd like to shout out a few good-byes to some special people in our lives before we ride away into the sunset...

- Grant, I never thought in a million years that you would end up being one of my very best friends. I wouldn't be the same strong-willed girl that I am today w/out you being such a big part of my life.
- Christel, you are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever known on the inside & out! I will miss hearing about your nightmares & soap opera life more than you know.
- Lacey, what would I do w/out my tall, skinny, blonde friend w/ an attitude?! I am so glad we were brought together by a crazy situation & came out stronger than ever!

- Mandy, my life would be in shambles right now w/out your fun spirit, great fashion advice & fellow reality TV show addiction. I'll miss seeing your smiling face in the office everyday SO much!
- The OC Marketing Office, I can't imagine working w/ a more fun group of people than you guys!! I will always be there in spirit @ all of our every other Tuesday meetings (Stephen will be sitting on me in my chair).
- The Wednesday night girls club, Thank you girls for letting me be a part of all your show watching parties & girl's night outs. I always looked forward to having girl time & finding out who Carrie would end up w/ or how many girls The Bachelor could actually make-out w/ in a hot tub in one season.

- Matt, I have no fear of losing our friendship just b/c we're moving hundreds of miles away. We've been through it all & I will never partake of a Sonic drink w/out thinking of you.
- Lily, I love you so much my dear & can't imagine my college life w/out your beautiful smile:) Don't ever forget 90210 & 'Dawson's Creek Church of Christ'. You will forever be on my list!
- Jayna - I stepped into B-dorm almost exactly 6 yrs. ago & there awaited the craziest roommate I would ever have. Thank you for never giving up on me & I hope you never stop making donuts w/ your belly while you brush your teeth:)

- Jared, we've been around the world together & had an "interesting" semester living together. It is wonderful having a great friend like you & I know you will become a great doctor that I would trust my life with.
- Patrick, you probably won't read this blog unless I make you, but we have been friends since we were 4, & I couldn't ask for a better friend. Even though I am bad about calling you when I say I will call you, you still let me hang out with you. Good luck in your new teaching job!
- Bill & Kathy, or as I know you, Dad & Mom, I'll miss you. We had to leave sometime, but it won't be easy. We'll miss Sunday lunches & dinners when we've run out of food. I'm sure we will call you a lot, especially as we try to adjust to our new surroundings. Thank you for all your love & support.

We love & will miss you all!

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