Monday, August 16, 2004

Domingo, the other Mathis Brother

couch_front.jpgToday we have a wonderful story for you. It is about how Couch came into our lives. Couch was spotted at 12th & Penn last Saturday at one of those cash only, most everything is junk, places. However, Couch jumped out at us, sitting there all alone in the parking lot. We looked through the stains & the rips, & saw something we liked.

I asked Domingo what he wanted for the thing & he said, "Fifty dollars." I almost choked on my own tongue, told Monica the price, & we decided we had to have it. I left him a $10 deposit & borrowed my parents Suburban. Later that evening, Couch came home with us & Monica was on a mission, which means I was soon sucked into the restoration of the couch.

Phase 1 - Take an ugly picture of the couch & toss the ugly throw pillows away.
Phase 2 - Take the back cushions to the dumpster & empty all the old, brown, stinky cotton inside them.
Phase 3 - Take the empty back cushion covers & the seat cushions to the bedroom & spot clean them before washing.

Phase 4 - Empty the couch & take a picture of the contents, including the Garbage Pail Kids cards. (Do you remember these? I used to love them before I understood how really disgusting they were).
Phase 5 - Stuff the back cushions with 10 pounds of polyester fiberfill from Wal-Mart.

Phase 6 - Reshape the pillows after they've been stuffed - Ben did this by playing WWF in the livingroom.
Phase 7 - Borrow a really nice steam cleaner (thanks Judson & Amanda!) & clean the entire couch to remove the stains & 'interesting' smell.

Phase 8 - Take the "after" picture & look at the difference.
I hope you can see a difference. You have to keep in mind Couch only cost $50 & that it has quite a bit of use under its belt. We are quite proud of ourselves for this investment & Domingo made himself a little more money to buy more junk. Hope you can come & sit on Couch in Memphis. We leave in three days & we are almost completely packed. However, we are still going to blog & we want it to be a way to share our lives with you.

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