Friday, August 13, 2004

Full Circle

mon_n_ben.jpgLast night while we were packing & watching TV we saw that the Olympic ceremonies are officially starting tomorrow. Ben said, "Wow, the last time we heard the Olympics were about to begin we were sitting around a youth hostel in Tokyo, Japan." I had the same memory because (for those of you that don't know) we were on the same study abroad program 4 years ago. Ben & I met on this trip & I can't believe how our lives have come full circle since then. Neither of us had any idea all those years ago that we would be husband & wife today.

One of my favorite memories of me & Ben is when we rode a ski lift up a mountain in China @ the very beginning of the trip. It was just me & him & we only had one pen between us so we took turns writing in our journals. Ben decided that he was going to be a monkey & climb all over the side of the mountain, while I kept screaming that I was going to have to tell his mom that I was the last one to see him before he killed himself. I had no idea that 'his mom' would someday be my wonderful mother-in-law. We talked about if there were one person on the trip that we would kiss that it would be each other, but our lips never touched until almost exactly 2 yrs. later.
Now, we are about to venture on a whole new experience in our lives together in Memphis. I wonder where we'll be in this world when the Olympic ceremonies of 2008 begin & if we'll remember sitting in our apt. in Oklahoma City packing up our lives

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