Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Man Hug

Also known as the Manbrace. It sounds like something Seinfield would make a joke about and then base a show around. The Man Hugger would be that guy that always gives hugs to Jerry, and somehow Jerry can't get away from him. "What's the deal with this guy? Does he think I need a hug? Do I look like a giant teddy bear?"? Then we'd all laugh and further stigmatize the Man Hug.

When did the Man Hug become awkward? Why does the three-tap ING hug have to exist? Do we fear the possibility that we may appear attracted to each other? Manbracing in celebration of a sports feat is acceptable, but less acceptable at other places, like when meeting at a restaurant for dinner.

I think it is based on the loss of emphasis society puts on the male relationship; and as a result, the father-son relationship has become one of the most neglected relationships today. I believe the de-emphasis on the male relationship has caused shame in many men, and because of the distant father-son relationship, men are not learning how to connect with each other. For those of us that are married, there is this tendency to think that our wives can and should be able to give us everything we need. What a terrible lie! For single men, you deal with the emphasis of being man, strong and not in need of anybody, especially not another man. Besides, what would people think?

Have you had your Man Hug today?

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