Friday, April 24, 2009

LOST Lessons

“Oh, stop thinking how ridiculous it is and start asking yourself whether or not you believe it’s going to work. That’s why it’s called a leap of faith, Jack.”

I heard this quote on a recap episode of LOST the other night & for some reason it stuck out. I’m pretty sure that you could replace Jack’s name in that quote w/ any one of our names. Ben & I have been struggling w/ our faith lately. Not in the “do we believe in God” sense, but in the “do we really, really believe in God enough to move across the world & share our faith w/ others” sense.

Most people in our life stage & situation would think it’s “ridiculous” to even consider this & that’s ok - we need Christians everywhere. We are in the unique situation where we possibly feel called to do this work & it’s tough. I guess we are still in the “should we go back to the island” stage. At least we don’t have to suffer through a horrific plane crash in order to get back there! I think we are definitely LOST.

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