Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Runnin' Down a Dream

Last night we were treated to an amazing cinematic experience. It had everything we could ask for in a movie—Tom Petty, Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker's music, and Tom Petty interviews. Yes, for four and a half hours we were treated to the unbelievably awesome documentary that is Tom Petty: Runnin’ Down a Dream on the biggest cinema screen in town. Actually, Monica got the full experience because I joined her after my class at 9 and surprised her by showing up at the theater. I told her that missing this would be like missing our wedding—and I wasn't joking.

Yesterday was the only showing in theaters and today the documentary is being released at Best Buy for $24.99. I am pretty sure we are getting it, plus, I need to see the first half. If you are a TP fan, get it! If you are not a fan, don't get it, because you just might not understand, and that would be a disgrace to the film.

Monica introduced me to Tom when we started dating, and he has been an integral part of our relationship ever since. He's been on countless road trips with us and been in many of our conversations. He's even been on our blog a few times. We didn't go to bed until 1am last night because we were talking about him. I have respect for a man who says, "Country music today is like a bad rock band with a fiddle"? (this statement received thunderous applause in the theater). He's honest, doesn't back down, and lives his life without feeling like he needs to explain himself. Music isn't his job, it is something he feels he has to do. What a way to live!

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