Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For Your Inspiration

Joel, my brother, recommended the movie Peaceful Warrior (2006). Respecting his advice I rented it ($1.49 at Blockbuster) and gave it a watch. If you have a chance, rent this movie. I was impressed and it really impacted me on a spiritual level. I actually cried, and if you know me well, you know I hardly ever cry. Something about this movie connected with me and I can't stop thinking about it.

I used the word "spiritual"? in the above paragraph, and I want to qualify the term. The movie is not a "Christian"? spiritual movie and it does not talk about God and Jesus Christ. In fact, the spirituality is more of an Eastern/Buddhist type, and yet it does not explain it in such a way that one must become a Buddhist (meaning at the end of the movie it does not ask you to pray a special prayer). This movie is spiritual because it deals with the inside of a man/woman and his/her spiritual battles occurring there—meaning of life, control, and happiness type issues. I actually found it quite consistent with MY Christian belief system. The movie portrays a sense of finding power from within, and as a Christian, I believe in a power within, whether or not I really understand it. The movie gave me an idea of how to connect with that power better.

As always, I know some people will not like this movie at all. If you watch movies primarily to be entertained, this is probably not your ideal rental. If you are introspective and like to be challenged by movies, give this movie a try. If you like be inspired by movies, this is a good one. If other views of God or spirituality offend you, rent with caution. If you do watch it or have watched it, I would like your take on it.

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